Pro Audio

The best audio equipment will really set a great DJ apart from the rest of the crowd, but finding what you need and then affording it can be tricky. That’s why, at djkit, we have worked hard for years to offer the best equipment in the industry. It’s also why we now are offering pro audio equipment financing to our customers. You won’t ever have to worry about how you are going to pay for the new equipment that you need when you choose us for DJ finance, as we know how very important the best equipment is, and we are willing to work hard to make sure that we put it in your hands.

Every DJ is going to have their own personal preference about the pro audio equipment that they use, no matter whether they have it set up in a home studio or are taking it on the road with them for shows. Because we believe in helping you achieve your dreams, we make it easy for you to choose from a wide variety of different types of equipment. When you’re ready to make your dreams come true, turn to us for studio packages finance options that you can afford and that are designed for you.

Get Your Audio System Organised Using DJ Finance

We know that finding wireless systems finance can be tricky, but we have worked hard to come up with a few different financing options for our customers. Now you can choose from shorter term financing of 6 or 12 months that has 0% interest or longer term financing of 24 or 36 months at 18.99% APR. To make the application process as fast and easy as possible, we have teamed up with Pay4later, which means that you can have a response to your enquiry in just a few minutes. Additionally, in order to get your pro audio equipment, you only have to pay a 10% deposit at the time of application and purchase.


It’s time for you to make your DJ dreams come true, and at djkit we are here to help you with that. By offering DJ equipment on/with/through finance, we are committed to helping DJs achieve their dreams and get the equipment that they need to improve their performance and take their music to the next level. With djkit, you get to choose the equipment that you want and have control over your financing. Click the banner to start shopping and find the pro audio equipment that you need.