Welsh DJ Makes History at UK’s First Live Show in Over a Year

Welsh DJ Makes History at UK’s First Live Show in Over a Year

Just over a week ago, the first major indoor live music event for more than a year took place in the UK. The mini-festival was attended by around 5,000 revelers, who throughout the entire thing commented on how surreal it felt to be back in something strikingly similar to normality.

One of the performers at the festival, Katie Owen, was recently interviewed by Nation Cymru, who after years of dedication finally hit the big time in 2019.  This was the summer that she signed a contract with the Coalition Agency, one of the biggest music management companies in the UK. She was also taken on the road by Jo Whiley as part of her ‘90s anthem tour.

Katie was understandably devastated when the COVID-19 pandemic brought her flourishing new career to a grinding halt, forcing her to shelve the plans she had for another year on the live entertainment scene across the UK and beyond.

In her interview with Nation Cymru, she spoke of how surreal and simply fantastic it was to once again be part of the live music scene after such a long time.

“I’ve DJ’d quite a few times for (promoter) SJM who were involved with the festival, they got in contact with me a week before and asked me to play so it was pretty last minute but I’m so grateful that they did” she told Nation Cymru.

“It was absolutely incredible, like a surreal dream. I couldn’t sleep the night before because I was too excited, it honestly felt magical, as if I was a kid on Christmas Eve again,”

“I had to take the Rapid Lateral Flow test and have a negative result, everyone was in really high spirits and happy to be there so it was a nice vibe. The only difference was there was a one way system and we had to wear masks backstage,”

“It was amazing! After not playing for a year to having five thousand voices singing back at you, it felt so surreal. It was a special night that I’ll never forget and I’m so honoured to have been a part of it.”

When asked how she had spent her time during lockdown, she explained how she had done what she could to make the best of a bad situation.

“It was really hard, I went from DJing three times a week, having loads of festivals and gigs to look forward to and loads of work to absolutely nothing for a year. It’s been really tough, there has been lots of tears. It was difficult, but I forced myself to stop dwelling on it all though and am feeling really positive about this year. I’ve got some exciting things in the pipeline which I’m really grateful for,” she said.

“I’ve started doing five hours of Welsh lessons a week and two hours of music production. I’ve also been making a few House mixes and perfecting my skills on my DJ equipment.”

“I want nothing more than for it to fully return and I know many others feel the same. I’m hoping that after the pilot festivals last weekend we’re on the right track.”