Sussex DJ Performs 40-Hour Set, Raises £25,000 for Charity

Sussex DJ Performs 40-Hour Set, Raises £25,000 for Charity

Making the best of a bad situation is something we have all been forced to do over the past 12 months. For some, this has meant riding out the worst of the COVID-19 crisis and hoping for happier times ahead. For others, it has meant the perfect opportunity to turn something terrible into something productive.

We are talking about a Sussex DJ who has decided to dedicate his free time to charity. 40 hour nonstop DJ sets being blasted for the people who need it most!

Graham Meeres started performing at 8pm on Friday 19 March and continued all the way through until midday on Sunday 21 March. Prior to this he had been live streaming his performances in a more conventional manner most Saturday evenings.

Not one to shy away from a challenge, Graham decided to see how long he could play non-stop to generate some capital for charity.

“My body is exhausted, I have never felt this way before, I have never experienced anything like it,” Graham admits that he had not expected to reach the colossal £25,000+ that was raised during his marathon performance.

He goes on to explain why he chose to dedicate the set to the mental health charity MIND.

“I chose MIND because of all the messages I have received from people struggling on their own, so to feel like part of a community albeit online I knew listening to a DJ at the odd weekend meant a big deal to some people; the people who depend on that connection.”

Far from his first charitable venture, Meeres also raised a whopping £20,000 last year around the same time for the NHS. The additional 16 hours for this broadcast understandably made the whole thing much more challenging, which Graham claims to have survived with a combination of carbs, water and plenty of fruit.

Staying Sane as a DJ in Pandemic-Hit Britain

Things are starting to head in a more positive trajectory, but it could be some time before things are even remotely ‘normal’ in the conventional sense. In the meantime, a few words of wisdom sourced from the more proactive side of the pro DJ community: 

  1. Stay Busy

Most importantly of all, staying busy and avoiding boredom is essential. Boredom leads to anxiety, stress and depression, ultimately becoming self-perpetuating and difficult to climb out of.

  1. Master Your Craft

If you have way more time on your hands than you know what to do with, why not spend more of it mastering your craft? The worst thing you can do is allow your talents to stagnate when you can progress!

  1. Promote Yourself

Now could also be the perfect time to step up your marketing strategy, while promoters are getting back to business.

  1. Consider Tuition or Mentoring

Another great way of staying busy and making some cash is to consider tuition or mentoring; video conferencing has been recently normalised due to the public staying at home.

  1. Remind Yourself This Is Temporary

Above all else, try not to fall into the trap of overthinking, do what you can to remind yourself this is temporary, and focus on all the fantastic things to come; these bad times are now mostly behind us.