Introducing the All-New Pioneer DDJ-FLX6 – Mid-Level Price, Top-End Performance

Introducing the All-New Pioneer DDJ-FLX6 – Mid-Level Price, Top-End Performance

Teased on multiple occasions throughout 2020, the Pioneer DDJ-FLX6 has finally touched down on UK soil. The latest mid-range 4-channel DJ controller for Rekordbox and Serato DJ Pro, the DDJ-FLX6 brings a whole bunch of amazing features down to a rock-bottom price.

And for those who are all about aesthetics, it’s also the first Pioneer DJ unit to be released in a new dark grey matte finish. It comes complete with unique jog wheels with a brand-new design that complements the visual appeal of the whole unit.

Made To Excite Audiences

“Captivate your audience with the DDJ-FLX6. Packing a host of brand-new features, this 4-channel unit makes it easy to hype up the audience, mix tracks from totally different musical genres, and spice up your sets with pro-sounding scratch effects. Add drama to your sets and easily mix different styles of music.” – Pioneer DJ

Bursting with epic new features and functionalities, the Pioneer DDJ-FLX6 is all about pushing boundaries and exciting audiences. Precision-engineered to allow aspiring and established DJs to take total control of their mixes, the DDJ-FLX6 makes it easier than ever to switch between different genres of music and keep the dance floor packed.

The new Merge FX feature is a real game changer and exclusive to this innovative machine. With the DDJ-FLX6, you can effortlessly go from hip-hop to house, rock to RnB and any other styles of music the crowd craves.

Everything about the DDJ-FLX6 was created to help DJs be energetic and intuitive throughout even the most extensive performances. Full-size jog wheels display the track position so you can instinctively manipulate the music, while the brand-new Jog Cutter feature opens the door to authentic scratch sounds by simply sliding the jog dial back and forth.

Other features that make the DDJ-FLX6 a standout piece of hardware include:

  • Multicolour Pads – backlit pads allow you to run Hot Cues, Pad FX, Beat Jump, Sampler and Keyboard Mode
  • Quickly and precisely the resistance of the jog wheels
  • Advanced Super Fast Search – quickly find any point in a song in seconds
  • Key Shift and Key Sync – Dedicated buttons for the tone adjustment functions
  • Sound Colour FX – Enrich your tracks with four FX effects known from DJM mixers
  • Aluminium / acrylic top panel
  • Light and easy to transport
  • Rekordbox dvs ready – requires Rekordbox dvs Plus Pack and dedicated vinyl control disc (both sold separately)

Guaranteed UK-Low Price

At djkit®, we’re all about helping aspiring and established DJs up their game at an affordable price. That’s why once again, we’re offering Pioneer’s latest piece of hardware at a guaranteed UK-low price of just £539.

Or if preferred, the DDJ-FLX6 can be ordered with HDJ-CUE1 Headphones for £589 or as a complete setup with DM-40 Speakers and HDJ-CUE1 Headphones for £715. In the unlikely event that you come across a better deal elsewhere, simply contact the djkit® team and we’ll do our best to beat it.