Eight Epic Gift Ideas for DJs in 2020

Eight Epic Gift Ideas for DJs in 2020

Shopping for the ideal Christmas gift for a DJ (aspiring or otherwise) can seem like something of a minefield. Mercifully, it’s not actually quite the impossible task it seems on the surface. There are plenty of epic gift ideas all DJs are guaranteed to appreciate for Christmas 2020.

Here’s a brief rundown of eight gift ideas you genuinely cannot fail with:

DJ Lessons

First up, DJ lessons are the perfect gift for any aspiring DJ, who’s still picking up the basics of DJing. There are also plenty of more advanced courses available, which are suitable for those looking to take their skills and talents to the next level.

DJ Decks

You genuinely cannot fail with DJ decks, just as long as you pick up something from a decent brand. Decks are a surprisingly versatile gift and can be picked up for just about any price imaginable to suit all levels of DJ experience.

DJ Headphones

There’s no such thing as having too many sets of DJ headphones. Even if they’re pretty well covered for the time being, there will come a time when they lose, damage or simply get sick of their current set of cans. At which point, they’ll be more than happy they’ve yours to switch to.


The savvy DJ has been spending the horrors of lockdown working on their PR and marketing strategies. In which case, what better time to organise a professional photoshoot and present yourself as a seasoned pro? Grab some DJ photoshoot vouchers and you are definitely good to go.

Equipment Gift Vouchers

Gift vouchers or a DJ equipment gift card is an absolute no-brainer as a gift idea. With no expiry date to worry about and no restrictions, the recipient can buy anything they want anytime they like.

Camera for Live-Streaming

The savvy DJ has also spent 2020 getting well and truly into the live-streaming craze. From first-time newcomers through to the biggest performers on the planet, everybody is streaming from home right now and (in some instances) building enormous global audiences.

‍Music Production Lessons

The aspiring DJ in your life knows their way around their decks, but how about a recording studio? Music production lessons or some studio time never fails to go down a treat with artistic types across the board.

Gig Gift Cards

Last up, it still remains to be seen as to when we can expect to start attending crowded clubs and concert halls. Nevertheless, having something to look forward to is essential – precisely why gift cards for gigs and clubs are 100% fool-proof.