Doodeo Announces All-New Live Streaming Tools

Doodeo Announces All-New Live Streaming Tools

Already one of the most popular and successful marketing platforms for DJs and entertainers, Doodeo is set to step things up even further by introducing a live streaming service. Confirmed in a press release by the team behind the global service, the new feature will allow DJs and performers to host online concerts to be streamed in real time.

The introduction coincides with the recent explosion in the popularity of live streaming sets among established and aspiring performers worldwide, due to the inability to put on conventional concerts throughout the COVID-19 crisis.

Doodeo also confirmed a series of options that will be made available via its live streaming services, such as hosting virtual events that are open to the public and those that are exclusive to paying attendees. It will also be possible to use the new service to host online fundraisers, in order to raise money for charitable causes.

“The livestreaming feature is another tool that has been painstakingly designed to help performers reach their goals and forge successful careers,” commented Rony Hage, CEO of Doodeo.

According to its founders, Doodeo was developed and introduced with the goal of becoming the world’s single most convenient and effective online portal for the entertainers and musicians promoting their work and booking gigs.

Limitless Flexibility and Versatility

The new features being introduced by Doodeo are expected to prove enormously popular, due to the difficulty still being encountered by performers spanning the entire industry. The limitless flexibility and versatility of the live streaming tools will enable performers to convert almost any type of live event into a virtual performance – paid or otherwise.

“Not only will livestreaming make it easier for entertainers to play gigs, it will also make it easier for people to book a private performance. For the first time, a group of friends will be able to book a livestream performance with their favorite artist. A person throwing a small get-together could hire the band from across town for a virtual performance, while a group of work colleagues could book a DJ from the other side of the world for an online holiday party.Doodeo Press Release

The team at Doodeo also spoke with confidence about the new facility’s potential to enable artists and their audiences to build and maintain even stronger connections during such turbulent times. Even when the entertainment industry returns to some form of normality, experts believe virtual concerts will continue to play a major role at all levels within the sector indefinitely.

The People Behind the Platform

Doodeo was founded by music industry veteran Rony Hage, who had previously spent more than a decade playing a key role in major talent competition franchises, such as The Voice, Idol, and more. The company is currently based in LA though operates on a global basis, effectively serving as what Doodeo calls the LinkedIn for the entertainment industry.

We’re a passionate team of Artists and technology professionals based in Los Angeles, home of many Artists. What drives us every morning is connecting Artists worldwide to each other and to opportunities. Being socially responsible is part of our culture and we strive to give back to the communities, both global and local.” the Doodeo Team