14-Year-Old DJ Books Slots Alongside Basshunter and Cascada

14-Year-Old DJ Books Slots Alongside Basshunter and Cascada

It’s at times like these we could all do with an inspiring uplift. Things have hardly been fantastic for the UK’s entertainment scene over the past year thus making now the perfect time for some good news.

In this instance, we’re talking the incredible achievements of the youngest professional club DJ in the UK. Schoolgirl Tayha Rodric – just 14 years of age – has managed to get herself booked alongside the likes of Basshunter and Cascada on this year’s festival circuit.

According to her family, she’s also taking home way more cash for her efforts than any other DJ in her age group. Though as far as Tayha’s concerned, it’s the thrill of the whole thing that matters most.

The Best of British Talent

Despite being a newcomer to the live performance scene, Tayha’s headed for a summer playing shows the likes of which she could never have dreamed of.  Having been spotted by a promoter at a recent club night for over 400 revelers, she’s now on her way to the big time in a big way.

“It makes you feel happy,” said the teenage superstar.

“I am at my happiest when I do it. I like to see people happy when they are watching me too.”

Tayha has been inspired and encouraged by her parents all the way, who’ve done everything they can to nurture her talent.

“She’s got thousands of fans and followers and views,” beamed her proud dad Dean.

“The smile on her face when she reads the online comments is priceless,”

“We reply to every single one if we can,”

“She’s always loved music.  I have videos of her singing and she was always mesmerised by me when I DJ’d.”

An Early Start

Incredibly, Tayha started playing with her dad’s DJ equipment at the age of just four. Having been a professional DJ himself, her dad Dean thought it best to nurture her enthusiasm and set her up with her own set of gear.

“I’ve DJed since I was 15 and I passed that down to Tayha and she’s got it in her blood,” he said

“When she turned ten that’s when she took it seriously she started picking up the moves. She tells us what to do, she has some input, and we put that into action”

“She can pick certain sounds out and put them together the way we do in production which I find crazy at her age,”

“The first stage she got on was at my wedding anniversary,”

“Tayha got straight onstage and wasn’t even scared – she was only ten. She’s never ever got stage fright. At one event the speakers went wrong and she stood there and waited. Any other twelve-year-old would come off stage crying.”

But even today, dad Dean said he still gets an attack of nerves when Tayha hits the stage.

“When she goes live I’m a bag of nerves,” he admitted.

“I stand behind the stage with her but I leave her completely to it, she does it all herself.

“If I was to walk into the club and see a 14-year-old I would be like ‘wow, that’s amazing’. My wife nearly cries every time she DJs. Her confidence is unreal,”

“We come from a council estate, for someone to be getting where she is now at her age it makes the community proud.”

Tayha is set to appear at this year’s Rock the Park festival in Wrexham, alongside her DJ idols and in front of more than 30,000 attendees.